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Wood cutting and engraving are two of the most popular applications for lasers because they can cover many different projects. From cabinets to picture frames to knife handles, ATOMSTACK laser systems are used in nearly every woodworking category you will encounter. Whether you're working with hardwood, veneer, inlay, MDF, plywood, walnut, alder, or cherry, you can engrave stunningly intricate images with a laser system.

Lasers are used for woodworking, whenever clean edges and high processing speeds are needed. Typical applications for laser cutting wood are gifts, jewelry, inlays, toys and model making.

With the Atomstack you can engrave and cut just about all natural wood and laminated wood types up to a thickness of 6 mm. Most often plywood and MDF are used for laser processing due to their uniform surface.

What can you create with a laser?

From cabinets to picture frames to knife handles, ATOMSTACK laser systems are used for nearly every category of woodworking projects.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a photo engraving is worth a thousand words! Engraving client photos and memories in rich mahogany or natural pine is the perfect way to honor the past.

For those projects that require speed, laser systems can significantly speed up your workflow. Fast cutting of materials such as MDF and plywood can get you from concept to prototype in record time. Plus, since the laser lets you work with almost any size or shape of material, you can easily use up any excess sawdust from a previous project!

Laser systems can help customize products to create unique, one-of-a-kind, meaningful items. Personalized prizes, skateboards, phone cases, guitars or anything else can turn a beautiful item into the perfect gift.

The possibilities are endless when you use the ATOMSTACK laser for your woodworking projects. Whether you're developing a product, working on a hobby project, or prototyping a new design, laser systems can help you create faster and with higher quality. All it takes is a little imagination and an ATOMSTACK laser engraver!

Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

Best Wood for Laser Engraving and Cutting. Wood is one of the popular materials for laser engraving projects. It exudes a natural feel that fits perfectly with timeless uses and applications. Any wood that is lightweight and has minimal streaks will produce a high-quality and attractive engraving.

Cherry (Prunus serotina) is one of the most popular wood species for furniture. While it’s pink when first cut, over time it darkens into the rich reddish-brown many recognize, and Cherry wood is very easy to work with and to cut.

Alder (Alnus rubra) looks similar to cherry wood in that it darkens over time. It’s a softwood and considered one of the best woods for laser engraving, producing a dark burn.

Hard maple (Acer saccharum) is an off-white, tan or yellowish wood. While it’s harder to work with than cherry wood because of its density, it’s great for laser engraving and finishes beautifully.

The Atomstack S20 Pro is the most powerful diode engraver out there, with an air assist system, perfect for wood engraving and cutting.

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Bring a breathtaking element into your space with fancy wood engraving ideas. Blur the line between illustration and hand-made carving with these artful yet affordable designs. This kind of engraving is always catchy and indicates your attention to detail.

Laser engraving and cutting is a perfect industrial technique to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Every breakthrough requires an action and every action requires an idea. Skyrocket your business with our extraordinary laser cutting and engraving ideas.

The price for an ideal engraver cutter and may be anywhere from $200 to $20000 (or more for industrial models). The general rule is that the more expensive the unit is, the higher its laser power and therefore the better it can cut through materials. However, you should always consider your needs.

If the laser is primarily used for engraving, you will achieve good results with laser powers between 30 and 50 watts. For laser cutting or for very high speed applications, we recommend a laser power of more than 50 watts.

Any laser cutter is capable of etching wood because any machine capable of cutting through materials is also capable of simply burning a pattern onto a material's surface.

Laser engravers are extremely useful because of the variety of materials that they can engrave. You should think about the different projects that you will be working on and the materials that you are engraving before you choose which laser engraver you wish to purchase.

Making money with a laser engraver is a really fun way to make some extra income or even start your own business. You might be surprised at the different things people want engraved with a laser. From trophies to tombstones, there is a huge market out there for you to tap.

The laser wood engraving machine is one of the best-selling equipment on the market at the beginning of 2022. This popularity is explained by the fact that this is the easiest and most convenient way to decorate wooden interior elements in the house.


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