With this ATOMSTACK AC1 Camera, you can completely say goodbye to the following problems: the inconvenience of manual positioning, the inability to record the carving and cutting process, the troublesome multitasking, the inability to preview the effect in advance. Its core features are as follows:

Work Preveiw: By capturing, the engraving materials will be automatically mapped to LightBurn software, which is convenient for you to design and add patterns or texts to these materials.

Video Recording: With an industrial wide-angle lens and 500W pixel high-definition, it will record every wonderful moment of cutting and engraving.

Precise Positioning: Through scanning, carving materials and areas will be automatically reflected in LightBurn. Especially for irregular-shaped materials, it greatly facilitates their positioning and locating.

Multitasking: Through a wide range of scanning, it can capture all materials to LightBurn. Meanwhile, you can design these materials one by one in LightBurn, and then the machine will automatically engrave and cut these materials in order, which realizes mass production.

In a word, this laser camera is perfectly matched with LightBurn software to help it finish all kinds of engraving and cutting work efficiently, as if you have installed an intelligent eye for your laser engraving machine.