If you manufacture products or components, you know how important it is to label parts with part numbers, model numbers, barcodes or logos. This allows you and your customers to easily identify parts that need to be replaced or repaired in the future. However, too many manufacturing operations rely on older methods of product marking, missing out on the benefits of more modern technology.

When it comes to labeling parts, you have several options. Printing and labeling have been popular applications for many years. However, with the development of laser technology, a new solution has emerged that performs better in terms of marking durability and cost savings. Before choosing a part marking solution, it is important to understand what laser marking is and its potential advantages over printing and labeling.

What exactly is laser engraving?
First let's talk about the technology. Laser engraving is used to create permanent characters, part numbers, logos, graphics, barcodes and other markings on substrates. Laser engraving does not involve a physical tool etching the surface, nor does it transfer ink or any other substance onto the surface; instead, the laser is focused on the material, which produces a contrasting or deep mark, depending on the settings used.

Manufacturers rely on many different laser marking machines for these tasks. From low-powered desktop machines suitable for small batches, to fully integrated custom laser marking systems in the production line, laser marking systems outperform printing and labeling with more attractive marks and longer-lasting results.

Advantages of Laser Engraving vs Laser Engraving Print or Label
Sometimes an inkjet solution makes more sense for the operation. But more often than not, more and more companies are discovering that laser marking is actually a more cost-effective and eco-efficient option. They see benefits throughout their operations.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience when you choose laser marking for your part engraving application:

Cost savings: High-volume manufacturers can significantly reduce costs with laser marking, often at a much lower cost per mark than ink or labels. The cost of consumables for ink or labels will far exceed the initial cost of the laser.

Sustainability: Laser marking uses fewer consumables and is more environmentally friendly than printing and labeling processes. So your operations help reduce pressure on the planet as well as your bottom line.

LONG LASTING: The stickers come off and the ink fades, but when you laser etch, you get a permanent mark that will stand the test of time. This means that even if you mark a part that won't need replacement in five, ten, or twenty years, your customers will be able to read that part number or scan its barcode.

Visibility: Laser markings are easy to read by humans and machines and come in vibrant colors, saving time far better than printed markings.

Speed: Laser engraving is fast and easy. Our machines will help you mark parts faster and more accurately, increasing your output.

Flexibility: Laser marking is suitable for a variety of materials. Whether you are working with natural materials such as metal, plastic or cardboard, there is a laser marking solution for you.

Minimal Maintenance: Avoid downtime spent cleaning or unclogging the printer when you use a laser marking system that doesn't use messy consumables.