We have been asked this question from time to time. Where can I find graphics for lasering on the internet. One way is to just use Google search and search for an image.

It is important to pay attention to how such a graphic is structured. The software can also process classic images. You have to imagine it like a printer that prints in shades of gray. A vector graphic with a few colors or as a black and white graphic can be displayed best.

However, it is easy to forget that many graphics and images on the Internet are copyrighted. If you only want to use the pictures in a private environment, then the risk for you is still manageable. However, if you want to show the result of your work on the Internet on Instagram or Youtube, then unauthorized use can result in a considerable risk of a warning. If in doubt, don't just use any graphics on the Internet.

However, there is an alternative way. There are platforms on the Internet where you can legally download graphics that someone else has created.

If you want to grab the graphics in the top drawer, then there are a few platforms where you can buy graphics. There is, for example, istockphoto or Adobe Stock. There are high-quality graphics, but they also cost a lot. But you are on the safe side with this, because you have purchased a license for use.

If you're looking for the really wacky stuff, then there are platforms like Thingiverse. Makers post their projects there and you can imitate them. For example, we found a Laser Cut Tie Interceptor or a USS Enterprise. Those are cool projects to laser.