Air assist is used for all types of laser cutting and laser engraving tasks. It's an efficient way to cut and engrave a variety of materials and save you time, money and materials. Air assist can make laser engraving and cutting safer.

You can use oxygen or nitrogen for air assist if you're not on a budget, but pressurized gas if you're on a budget.

Atomstack Air Assisted Laser Cutter Maintenance
The following techniques will help you maintain your air-assist laser cutter or laser air-assist kit to last longer.

Regularly clean the fan unit
Most materials such as wood, MDF and acrylic emit fumes, residues and oils which can affect the performance of the knife. Disconnect power before cleaning and remove any debris from exhaust fans.

Check for obstructions on the air assist compressor filter assembly
Remove any debris from the laser air assist compressor, filter assembly, air assist nozzle and laser engraver air assist pump as these can interfere with proper function. There must be an adequate amount of air passing through the nozzle. Insufficient air can affect the air assist function and may increase the risk of fire. Check the detached air assist nozzle.

Lubricate cutting machine/engraving machine runners
Poorly lubricated runners can cause premature wear. Periodically inspect components and test for beam alignment or weakening.

Clean optics at least every 10 to 40 hours of use
Dirty and cloudy optics can affect the overall beam intensity. Clean optics regularly to avoid damage to lenses and materials. Use an IPA solution for cleaning or use acetone and some cotton swabs.

Pay attention to the performance of the chiller
The chiller will keep the water temperature constant and prevent the tubes from overheating. Check cooler performance and displayed temperature changes. Always use distilled or deionized water to avoid any impurities that could clog the pipes and affect the workpiece.

Check CO2 Laser Air Assist Upgrade
An upgrade will help you better maintain your cutter or engraver. Register your laser cutter for timely updates.
Air assist for laser cutters and engravers have many advantages. It enhances safety, increases efficiency, and saves you money, time and materials. Air assist will protect the user from burns and prevent fumes from clouding the lens and affecting workpiece quality. Finally, learning how to care for your air-assisted laser cutters and engravers will give you years of laser cutting efficiency and convenience.