How exactly does the laser work?
Accuracy plays just as important a role with laser engraving machines with 20 W as it does with a laser engraver in the format because small objects such as pens are often to be decorated with lettering or a logo. The various manufacturers of laser engravers in gold and other designs indicate this under the term engraving accuracy, whereby the maximum deviations are shown here in mm.

Not all manufacturers provide information here, which you can always take as an indication that the deviations are somewhat higher. Other brands, on the other hand, confidently state that the deviations in engraving accuracy are around 0.01 mm, i.e. the laser engraving machines transfer the specifications very precisely and remain within the planned engraving area.

In what size can you work with laser engraving machines?
Sometimes you can tell from the designation A5 laser machine or p7 laser machine how large the maximum engraving area is in practice. On the other hand, other devices state that you can use the laser engraver to engrave stainless steel or other materials in a specific format such as 150 x 150 mm or 80 x 80 mm. Your area of ​​application should determine whether you frequently process small areas of aluminum with laser engraving machines or whether you want larger formats.

Can all laser engraving machines process any material?
In the first step, with all materials apart from metal, you should make sure that the manufacturer also labels the devices as suitable for non-metallic materials. You have to find out in the detailed description whether glass or bamboo can be engraved with the respective device. Many machines fail on transparent materials such as clear plastic or glass. Lasers for metal must be much more powerful than those for transparent and non-metallic materials.

What do you have to consider when it comes to accessories and software?
Most 40W laser engravers are compatible with Windows, although some devices can also be used with Apple. The focus is on Windows. You will rarely find open source solutions. The devices are connected to the computer with a cable so that laser engraving machines such as 3D printers can receive data. The software is often included, but we could not find a touchscreen on the engraving machine.

If you need the customer's logo, you can have it on a USB stick. Then open the software on the desktop and you can edit the file. If you have decided on a mobile laser engraving machine, you can also use it at markets or with customers.