Aside from the types of materials to be processed, there are other important features to consider when purchasing a laser engraving machine. According to various laser cutting machine tests, software compatibility and compatible image formats are particularly important.

Most laser engravers are compatible with Windows software. Models compatible with Apple are very rare. Just like a 3D printer, the laser engraving machine is connected to a computer via cable and thus receives image data. These are then engraved on the desired object. Most laser engravers can process the most common image data such as JPEG, JPG, PNG and BMP. Be sure to pay attention to this information when purchasing.

Another very important purchase criterion is the maximum engraving size in mm. Some laser engravers are very small, working on areas as small as 38 x 38mm, as they are designed to engrave objects such as pens. Other machines have significantly larger dimensions in cm, such as 40 x 50 cm, because they specialize in processing larger items such as signs. So before you buy, think carefully about what format you want to edit.

The design and color of a laser engraver should be of secondary importance when making a purchase decision. The look of the machine is ultimately unimportant. It doesn't matter if your laser engraving machine is gold, silver or black as long as it gives you beautiful and accurate engravings.