This kind of marking machine uses the laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of different kinds of materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. In addition, the machine can engrave beautiful design images, trademarks and letters. The laser marker adopts excellent laser marking system and advanced laser marking technologies, and mainly consists of the marking work table, the laser and the computer control system.

This kind of machine is mainly used in some industries that require higher precision. And it is widely applicable for the electronic components, the integrated circuits (IC), mobile communication, hardware products and tool accessories. The scope also includes precision equipment, eyewear and watches, auto parts, plastic buttons and PVC pipes.

In general, the different types of marking machines are classified according to the different laser beams. Fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. But according to the method of use, there is also portable laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine.

Portable Laser Marking Machine: The portable laser marking machine is a convenient mobile solution for laser marking. It provides an efficient and flexible method of marking large, heavy objects. And it is suitable for marking on the flat metal surface and can also produce a smooth, high-contrast result.

UV Laser Marking Machine: The UV Laser Marking Machine is an ideal choice for high value added materials and projects requiring definition and precision marking. The UV laser marking machine creates the short wavelength of 355nm to generate an intense energy beam. The UV laser marking process is untouchable and will create a permanent mark.

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