The fiber laser engraver uses a fiber laser to generate a laser beam to engrave or mark mostly metal materials. Therefore, it is also called the laser engraving machine for metal. The fiber laser engraver mainly consists of the laser, work table and computer control system. And the laser generates the laser beam.

Because of the focusing through the optical lens, the laser beam is just like the metal engraving tool. It cuts away excess metal materials and forms the images, letters or symbols as designed in the software. After the fiber laser engraving, the images are very clear and high precision, no need secondary processing.

The fiber laser engraving machine possesses good laser beam quality, high processing speed and long service life. And its installation is also flexible and convenient.

As a kind of CNC laser engraver machine, fiber laser engraver usually has automatic control plate which is easy to operate and easy to use to make laser engraving. Due to the property of fiber laser, the fiber laser engraver is the better choice for manufacturers as a metal laser engraving machine.

Atomstack M4 Fiber Laser