The Atomstack A10 Pro should be a very powerful laser engraver because of its dual beam laser module with improved mechanics compared to the previous model. The machine has a 32-bit controller board with a touch screen offline controller.

The Atomstack A10 Pro laser engraver has a rectangular engraving area of 410*400mm and it features a very premium control panel with display and quality buttons. It also has an offline controller, so the laser can only be operated via its touchscreen. No computer required.

 Atomstack A10 Pro laser engraver

The assembly of the machine is easy and it takes less than half an hour to assemble it thanks to a good manual.

The Atomstack A10 Pro laser engraving machine features the flagship M40 laser module which outputs 10W of power into a very compressed spot. Sintering temperatures are advertized to reach up to 1000-1200°C which should allow us to engrave a lot more materials and metals.

This Atomstack machine has a cool offline controller which allows us to use the machine without the computer. It is very handy for field work and projects that require a lot of the same cut jobs.