The power of a laser engraving machine is to permanently capture previously defined shapes, letters or motifs on a solid material. Where a printer uses ink and color to print text and images onto the paper, a laser burns the motif into the material.

Because here we know a similar technique, in which the soft, flammable material wood is individualized with names or cheerful sayings with a hot tip.

Surprisingly, a home laser engraver is now quite affordable. Cheap laser engravers start at around $179, which is moderate compared to other tools.

With a laser engraving machine, you can creatively design wood and plastic, but also metal according to your wishes. The laser works with high power, which strongly bundles the power of light. You are probably familiar with laser pointers.

You can engrave metal, wood, paper, leather and other materials with a laser engraving machine. In addition to the laser engraving machine kit, you also need a computer with the right software for the design.

A laser engraving machine is a practical solution for bell signs, key rings or company logos on glass, for example. Laser engravers have nothing to do with a laser printer.

As with any laser, care should always be taken when handling a stationary or mobile laser engraving machine. A laser is a highly focused beam of light that can severely damage your retina, for example.

Always be careful when handling the powerful lasers and you should never put your hand in laser engraving machines and also protect your eyes. When used properly, the various devices are safe and reliable for a unique laser engraving.