Laser Light can damage the human eyes and skin. Do not expose the eye or skin to laser light directly. This Laser product has an optical lens and emits a collimated laser beam. The light from this product, both direct and reflected, is very harmful as it can propagate a long distance while maintaining high optical density. When handling the product, wear appropriate safety glasses (OD5+) to protect eyes from laser light including reflected and stray light. The reflected and stray light spilling into an unintended area should be attenuated and/or absorbed. 

1. Laser safety We installed a laser shield on the laser, the shield can largely filter out the diffuse reflection of the laser spot.However, when using laser engraving machine, it is recommended that you wear laser protective glasses. Avoid skin exposure to type 4 laser beams, especially at close range.Teenagers must have parental supervision in the process of using it.Do not touch the laser engraving module when the machine is on. 

2. Fire Safety Because cutting burns off the substrate, a high-intensity laser beam generates extremely high temperatures and a lot of heat.Certain materials can catch fire during cutting, creating gases and fumes inside the equipment.A small flame usually appears here when a laser beam hits the material.It will move with the laser and will not stay lit when the laser passes by.Please do not leave the machine unattended during the carving process.After use, be sure to clean up debris, debris and flammable materials in the laser cutting machine.Keep a working fire extinguisher nearby at all times.Smoke or air pollutant safety. When  Atomstack laser engraving machines are used, smoke, vapour, particles, and potentially highly toxic materials (plastics and other combustible materials) are produced from the material.These fumes or air pollutants can be hazardous to health.

3. Material safety Do not engrave materials with unknown properties.Materials Recommended:Wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, opaque acrylic, glass.Materials not recommended:Metal, precious stones, transparent materials, reflective materials etc. 

4. Use Safety Use the engraver only in horizontal position and ensure that it has been securely fixed to prevent fires caused by accidental shifting or dropping from the workbench during work.It is forbidden to point the laser to people, animals or any combustible object, whether it is in working condition or not. 

5. Power safety To prevent accidental disasters such as fire and electric shock, the Engraver provides a power adapter with a ground wire. Plug the power plug into the power socket with a ground wire when using the  laser engraver.

6. Environment safety Please ensure the workplace must be cleared while assembling engraving and cutting no flammable or explosive materials surrouding the equitment. Have to set a metal plank under the bottom while engraving or cutting.