Affordable, reliable and user friendly, 5 high quality efficient laser engravers on the Atomstack can actually bring your sun back to reality quickly. Atomstack A5 has a fixed-focus laser head, a single eye protection perimeter, X-axis and Y-axis scale lines, and an intelligent protection automatic protection system.

The Atomstack A5 Laser Shield fully protects your eyes and filters 97% of UV rays. You and those around you can laser engrave by carrying goggles. Reduce the price of your goggles and the difficulty of carrying them.

The all-metal structure design makes the machine more stable and improves the engraving accuracy. The overall construction design for quick meetings and conferences can usually be completed in 10-20 minutes.

For uninterrupted static exposure, the laser will periodically stop on the forest fireplace when the laser is in an irregular position; when the engraving machine is affected by an external drive for external operation; the laser will be kept away from conventional hazards.

Obviously, for a device like this, the design of the Atomstack A5 is completely secondary, but what you need to understand is that its exterior is made of aluminium and other metals, the machine itself weighs 4kg and measures 57 x 60 x 27 cm .

If anyone has never heard of such a device before, we will tell you that we use such a machine to burn samples and images to different surfaces with the help of a laser. The Atomstack A5 can handle many materials, it works well on plastic, wood, leather, and even some metal surfaces. Input images can also be in a variety of formats, with JPG, BMP, and DXF extensions supported.

When designing the structure, the protection of the user is paramount, so the engraver has a protective cover to observe the workflow without goggles.

Engraving requires no adjustment of focus, and the advanced fixed-focus laser is not only high-energy, but also extremely precise, down to 0.01mm. There are also various safety options if the laser goes into an abnormal state, in which case work will stop immediately.

By the way, this device can be used not only for cutting patterns, but also for cutting various materials, so we can even make gorgeous little things for ourselves or as gifts. The maximum size of the machining area is 410 x 400 mm.

Laser engravers like the ATOMSTACK A5 are handled with the same care as most DIY products. Once this is established, there is an opportunity to discover new dimensions of DIY, do-it-yourself wood carving, leather, and even fine surface cutting.

What makes one machine different from another is the quality of the assembly and the quality of the laser.

Interestingly, the Atom stack A5 laser is protected by tinted glass to prevent glare and limit the risk of laser bounce. A pair of glasses is provided in all cases.

It is an optic with autofocus that rarely spends time adjusting the precision of the laser based on the height of the surface to be engraved.

A revolutionary product, the A5 truly unleashes the full potential of a laser engraver. With a laser module, a high-temperature print head can be obtained, which can print high-temperature wires such as nylon and carbon fiber. Cambrian will help you realize what you can think of. It can bring you unlimited creative space and lead you to explore potential huge commercial value.