The M50 laser module can be installed on any engraver model of the Atomstack A5 series and can be used without any additional setup.

Higher laser power, faster engraving speed! NEW ATOMSTACK M50 50W Dual Ultrafine Compression Spot Laser Module: It can be used for laser cutting machine, radiation engraving machine, stimulated emission light amplification, CNC, DIY radiation stimulated emission light amplification. Upgrade to a higher quality fixed focus laser without focusing. The engraving speed is 200% higher than other 5W lasers.

The laser is equipped with a protective cover to protect the user's eyes, and there is no need to wear additional protective glasses. In the aforementioned fourth dimension pets are prohibited from robbing light amplification through stimulated emission of radiant points.

The high-quality stock is upgraded through stimulated emission of radiation and still focuses light amplification without the need for focusing.

Tin with cooling fans can guarantee continuous long-term fourth-dimensional work.

Engravable Materials: Forest, Bamboo, Cardboard, Plastic, Leather, PCB Board, Aluminum Oxide, Non-Reflective Plating and Lacquered Metal, then Blackened Utility Knife.

Cuttable materials: cardboard, non-woven fabric, veneer, acrylic, some sparse plastic sheets.

0.08*0.15mm double compression condenser coupling technology
Make engraving more powerful and precise.
The engraving speed is 200% higher than other 5W lasers.

High energy can cut 10mm thick sheet at one time.
Radiation sintering temperature stimulated emission light amplification is 1100 degrees, and the problem of engraving metal is better.
The laser has a built-in horizontal gyro anti-overturning protection device, and the information technology stops working when the inclination angle is 20°.
The hood cleans smoke and grit, protects the lens, and avoids light amplification due to attenuation of stimulated emission radiation energy.

The transfer board is consistent with 95% of laser engravers on the market, including Atomstack, Ortur, Neje, twotrees, etc.


1. The laser emitted by the laser module is easy to hurt the eyes, please do not look directly at its smooth surface, and you should wear safety glasses to prevent it from being stimulated to emit no heat radiation and amplify the light during work.
ii. The laser module requires proper optical amplification by stimulated emission from the radiation driver (PCB). When the stimulated emission light amplification of the radiation module is connected to the power supply, the output voltage is prepared to zero. The calibration of the current should be increased or decreased slowly to avoid damage to the device.
3. Carry the device with you for work or storage in a dry environment. The grit resistance rating exceeds one million to prevent dust inside the lens from affecting the laser spot shape.
4. Operating at high temperature will increase the threshold current and reduce switching
efficiency and accelerated aging of equipment.
five. When the output power is higher than the specific parameters of its operation, the aging of the equipment is accelerated.
six. When the operating temperature of the laser diode exceeds 70 degrees, please do a good job of dissipating heat.
7. The optical amplification of the stimulated emission of this radiation module is an electrostatic sensitive device. Make sure you have a good foundation or wear an anti-static wrist strap before shooting.