3D printing is an innovative technology that is changing the way products are made. Many of us have purchased 3D printers looking to print gadgets that we use every day. Unfortunately, the lack of elasticity and durability of the printing filament makes it difficult to achieve useful printing for everyday objects, ultimately making the 3D printer a fun but expensive toy. That's why we invented the Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer.

Atomstack Cambrian 3D printers are very different from 3D printers on the market. It comes with two replaceable extruders, enabling it to print just about anything. One extruder is 1.75mm for common filament material and the other is a specially designed 2.85mm extruder for TPR filament. The highlight of the Atomstack 3D printer is its thermoplastic rubber printing capability, which helps users create durable end-use products for real-world applications. With Atomstack, you can print out endless possibilities. Printing rubbery filaments is very difficult due to the high chance of the elastic material getting stuck in the nozzle. Atomstack's 2.85mm extruder solves this problem. The extruder is designed to avoid nozzle clogging problems. This makes it excellent for printing rubber products such as shoes, plaids and balls or other product components that require elasticity and resilience.

Applications for TPR filaments include sports equipment, auto parts, electronic equipment, medical devices, industrial design, and more. The properties of TPR make it ideal for 3D printing. With high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and resilience (>50%), you can use TPR filament to print rubber products for any end use. You can change the extruder to TPR printing (2.85mm rubber direct extruder) or traditional printing (1.75mm extruder) and it can be easily changed in seconds. What makes the Cambrian efficient and effective is the direct extruder design that keeps the extruder close to the nozzle; therefore, it quickly reacts to the filament and starts printing. Additionally, the 1.75mm and 2.85mm extruders allow for better extrusion, faster retraction and a wider filament range. Two different extruders make Cambrian compatible with a variety of filaments.