Atomstack R3 collocates with laser engraver to process the engraving and cutting.

Atomstack R3 rotary roller adopts the base of aluminum profile, which is firm and stable.

The height of the roller protrudes from the height of the base, which can engrave longer objects, expands the engraving area, and has no restriction on the shape of the engraved object; the rotary roller is adjustable wide and narrow, for objects of different sizes, engraving can be achieved by adjusting the width of the roller, which makes the engraving machine more widely used.

Atomstack R3 rotary roller adjustment is very convenient, you just need to adjust four plum blossom handle from both side to match different size object to make the engraving and cutting. Rotary roller is the concentric circles designing, Synchronous belt will keep the same status no matter how to adjust, and it is an advanced design that some others similar product dose not have. There are positioning holes on the side cover for setting to make sure the rollers will keep the same horizontal level under the adjustment. The motor of our R3 rotary roller is build-in, will not scald people even the motor is getting hot after some processing. Integrated rubber roller, the hardness is 70A. The process will be more stable with the strong friction.
Atomstack R3 with the speed which adapts 95% brands of the engraves that we know, including Atomstack Neje and Ortur etc, just plug and play.