If you work with the sale of custom products or even want to have a professional tool to produce high quality material, you have probably already looked for a laser cutting machine.

This type of equipment has become increasingly popular in the global market, including Brazil. That's because having such a machine is basically a privilege that opens up a great business opportunity.

Thinking about serving this niche market, ATOMSTACK is launching the new S20 Pro 130W.

The world's first qual-core diode laser machine, the new ATOMSTACK S20 Pro is compact and can be used professionally by anyone.

Without a doubt, the S20 Pro is now the most powerful diode laser engraver on the market. It is equipped with the first laser module that has four cores: four 6W lasers coupled together to form a 20W laser, making the S20 Pro the absolute solution in the field of engraving and cutting.
This configuration allows the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro to cut even 0.5mm sheet metal, and the machine also comes with an integrated air assistance kit that allows stable operation for long hours.

In addition to metal, the ATOOMSTACK S20 Pro 130W also accurately cuts other materials:

12 mm solid wood cut in One-PASS
One-PASS 8mm acrylic cut
Another important highlight is that the machine can reproduce up to 256 gray scales, something that gives more precision and quality to any engraving.

To put their creativity to work, the user can use various systems and file formats: Linux, MacOS, Windows/jpg, svg, png, dxf, tif, bmp, pdf, ng).

Last but not least, the laser also has an emergency stop button. It guarantees safe operation and, if necessary, recording can be stopped immediately.

Atomstack even offers its own application so that the user can expand their creativity and control the machine.

If you are looking for a complete diode laser engraving machine, the most advanced option is the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro.

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