Laser engraving from your home or office is now easier and cheaper than ever. Once limited to industrial manufacturers, laser engraving machines are now being used more and more by small businesses, product designers, makers and hobbyists.

There is a good chance that in some situations, laser engraving will prove to be the most beneficial technology for your needs. So before you whip out your wallet, you might want to take a look at this list of the best laser engraving machines to see which machine suits you best.

Atomstack's A5 Pro is a handsome laser engraver that you can get for under $300 and the maker has been trying interesting new things lately. A 3D printer for flexible filaments is particularly worth mentioning here.

All Atomstack products are usually eye-catchers - and that certainly applies to the Atomstack A5 Pro with its titanium-like frame. But if you disregard its appearance, it offers even more special features: namely a large working area of ​​410 x 400 mm and a low weight of just 4 kg. Storage and transport are therefore quite uncomplicated and it is also compatible with the two common engraving softwares LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

One thing to keep in mind: The input power of the laser is specified as 40 W - but the actual output power is more like around 5 W. Diode lasers are generally not very powerful. But the laser used here is probably strong enough to get really good engravings on wood or leather and even remove layers of paint on metals like aluminum. And with a dimensional accuracy of 0.1 mm, the results should be quite precise.