Before Using the laser engraving, please read this safety guide carefully, it mentions situations that require special attention and includes warnings of unsafe practices that can cause damage to your property or even endanger your personal safety.

0. 1 Laser safety
AtomStack A5 uses Type 4 laser product. The lasers are very powerful that can cause eye injuries and burn the skin. We have installed a laser cover on the laser. To a large extent, theshield filters out the diffuse light from the laser spot. However, it is still recommended to wear laser goggles when using the laser engraver. Avoid exposing your skin to Type 4 laser beams, especially at close range.Teens must be supervised by parents while using the machine. Do not touch the laser engraving module while it is switched on.

0.2 Fire safety
The high intensity laser beam generates extremely high temperaturesand a lot of heat due to it burns the substrate when it cuts. Some materials can catch fire during the cutting process, thencreating gas and smoke inside the equipment. When the laser beam hits the material, Usually, there will be a small flame. It will move with the laser and will not remain lit as the laser passes over it. Do not leave the machine alone during the engraving process. Please do remember to clean the laser cutter of debris, scrapsandflammable materials after use. Always keep a working fire extinguisher nearby. Safety against fumes or airborne contaminants
When using a laser engraver, fumes, vapors, particles are generatedfrom the material (plastics and other flammable materials), there are potentially toxic . These fumes or airborne contaminants can be hazardous to health.

0.3 Material safety
Do not engrave materials with unknown properties. Materials Recommended:
Wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, opaque acrylic, glass.Materials not recommended:
Metal, precious stones, transparent materials, reflective materials etc.

0.4 Use Safety
Use the engraver only in horizontal position and ensure that it hasbeen securely fixed to prevent fires caused by accidental shiftingor
dropping from the workbench during work. It is forbidden to point the laser to people, animals or any combustible object, whether it is in working condition or not.