We can see that the latest 40W laser module is mounted on the ATOMSTACK P7 M40 machine, with an optical power of 5.5W, which can cut 10mm wood. The laser head adopts lens compression technology, which can compress the surface of the light source to 0.02 mm2, which makes it better for engraving. With a passion for craftsmanship and stylish digital products, this new toy harnesses the power of technology and Atomstack to create unique engravings.

The all-aluminum alloy anodized structure design makes the machine more durable and improves the engraving accuracy. Portable all-metal construction, 85% pre-assembled, ready to install in 10 minutes. The ATOMSTACK P7 M40 machine uses an integrated screw instead of a combined coupling. The stepping motor and the screw are integrally formed, making the laser movement more precise and the coupling more durable. It is easier and faster to adjust the laser height.

This machine is compatible with a variety of mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL; LightBurn, supports Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10; and also supports Apple system (LightBurn), the engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc. There are precise tick marks on the X-axis and Y-axis, which are convenient for quick length measurement. 200*200mm large area engraving spacing to meet your various engraving needs. The laser adopts 4x lens group collimation focusing technology, the optical power is 4.5~5.5W, the laser focusing area is reduced to 0.02mm², the high-density laser can easily cut 10mm thick wood and 6-8mm black acrylic; it can directly engrave mirror stainless steel metal and ceramics .

The flame retardant filtering panoramic glass can filter 97% of UV rays; it plays a good role in protecting eyes. You and those around you don't need to wear goggles to get a clear view of the laser engraving. Reduce your goggle cost and the inconvenience of wearing goggles. Glass is flame-retardant and safer to use. You can engrave without adjusting the focal length; the newly upgraded compression point increases the energy concentration by 200%; the spot size is only 0.02mm²; it can take into account both precision engraving and high-energy cutting. At the same time, the laser power of the fixed focus laser is more stable than that of the zoom laser.

ATOMSTACK P7 M40 has also upgraded the eye protection function, replacing the previous generation of acrylic with a newly developed glass material, which can not only filter out 97% of the ultraviolet light source, but also improve the on-site ignition point and further improve the safety.