The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro is an extraordinary laser etcher that can bring your innovative mind to life. It contains a fixed focus laser head, amazingly eye-discreet fenced areas, tick marks on the X-turn and Y-center, and a clever automatic confirmation system for safety.

The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro is a top-notch laser etcher. Especially suitable for beginners. All-metal deployment arrangement makes the whole machine more sturdy. It will reduce the vibration of the machine and improve the accuracy of the drawing. The whole development plan was proposed for a quick get-together, social occasion can be done in 10-20 minutes. The engraving area is 410 x 400 mm larger than the normal size, which means that the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro is more suitable for drawing larger objects. The laser module performed well at 40W, emitting light up to 3000mm/min on the surface. Likewise, it can engrave including: wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, PCB, aluminum oxide, non-smart, electroplated, lacquered metal, blackened craft sharp edges. In addition, it is possible to cut: cardboard, non-woven surfaces, veneer, plastic, etc.

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro can be reasonably matched with a variety of fully-fledged graphics programming. Such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/XP/Win 10, and also support MACs structure (LightBurn). Scratch recording configuration keeps NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF and other laser protective cases perfectly guarantee your eyes, 95% UV channel. You and those around you can watch laser engraving without goggles. Reduce your goggle cost and hassle of wearing them. There are clear tick marks on the X-turn and Y-center points for quick length evaluation. 410x400mm large area scratch length to meet your unique drawing needs.

The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro machine uses the necessary screw shaft instead of the attached coupling. Composed of a swimming motor and a lead screw, the laser advances more carefully and the coupling is firmer. There is no compelling incentive to turn the convergence point towards focus, the focal length of the laser is a fixed value, and the moving convergence point is largely close to what is outside to start cutting. The laser power is 4.5-5W, and the extremely fine laser focal area is reduced to 0.23mm^2; the high-thickness laser can undoubtedly cut wood with a thickness of 12 mm; dull acrylic; can directly draw smooth and solidified steel metal, ceramic creations.

The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro Laser Scratcher is specially designed for DIY laser engraver, with powerful control programming capabilities to give you a no-hassle reduction experience.

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