Atomstack B1 Laser Engraver Enclosure Safety Dust Cover If you're a laser engraver veteran, an industrial design enclosure is worth the price. After six months of design and development by Atomstack engineers, they launched the Atomstack B1 Enclosure in early 2022.

Atomstack is one of the leaders in the high performance laser engraver market. Now it has released a protective cover for all engraving machines to provide a safer engraving operation. The new Atomstack B1 case is an excellent protective cover for laser engravers.

The B1 housing has a metal body. The design of the Atomstack ensures extended safety features that can successfully stop laser leaks and protect human eyes.The cover has an acrylic window design to protect the eyes from laser damage while engraving. In addition, the Atomstack B1 Enclosure has a proper ventilation system with high efficiency fans and a 5m long outlet duct.

Atomstack laser engravers have a removable plate. It adds convenience to users. It enables you to easily clean the laser engraver after the project is over. The protective case is very stable and sturdy. Not only that, but it is also compatible with all Atomstack laser engravers.

There are LED lights inside the protective box. It allows you to watch the engraving operation. Atomstack enclosures have push rods on both sides of the lid. In conclusion, the Atomstack B1 case is a must-have protective case for your Atomstack laser engraver.

The price mentioned is that the protection is removable and customers can install it with their own DIY setup with just a few necessary screws, which can be very convenient and sensible.

The Atomstack B1 enclosure works with all Atomstack laser engravers, as well as the A-Series, X-Series and P-Series. Even if your machine has an external touch screen, it comes with a reserved interface to help work offline.