Compared with the traditional engraving methods, the fiber laser marking machine has the following characteristics.

The fiber laser marking machine can process a variety of metal materials.
For example, the metal materials applicable to fiber laser engraving are stainless steel, copper, aluminum and carbon steel. And it can also engrave some non-metallic materials, such as resin and plastic. Especially for the materials with high hardness, high melting point and brittle materials, its application is more advantageous.

This laser machine belongs to non-contact processing, does not damage the workpiece, has no tool wear, and has good engraving quality.
Because the laser beam is very thin, the material consumption is very small.
And the heat affected zone on the materials is also quite small.

High processing efficiency, computer control and easy to realize automation.
The users can handle laser engraving and marking automatically.

Energy saving
Compared with the etching method, the fiber laser machine avoids chemical pollution. And compared with mechanical engraving, it can also reduce noise pollution.

Atomstack M4 Fiber Laser