Why it is important to choose a high-quality plastic machine
Some manufacturers bribe customers with low equipment costs. But what's behind the cheapness? In most cases, manufacturers save on components. However, for laser equipment, this is not acceptable.

High-quality equipment must handle the material at the proper level without product failure or downtime. That's why components are usually purchased from world-renowned brands and come at a premium.

When buying a cheap machine, the customer always takes the risk that his equipment will soon fail. Even low-quality new equipment may require service after a month of operation.

When working with plastic, it is important to pay attention to its properties. Low-quality machines are rarely versatile and cannot be adapted to specific materials. For example, when processing plastic, you should keep in mind that its varieties may differ in thermophysical properties. Therefore, it should be possible to tune the energy parameters of the laser engraver machine. High-quality equipment provides localized heating to prevent material damage.

Another characteristic of plastic is the darkening of the edges during laser processing. Most of the time, it is caused by a low quality blowing system.

With our machines, you will not experience product failure or component failure. Confidence in the reliability of our equipment is confirmed by each customer's warranty.

How to choose a plastic laser machine
Laser machines can produce items of any shape and size. It can also be used to cut or engrave plastic. However, only correctly selected machines can handle individual production tasks. Therefore, we offer to learn the main criteria for selecting a plastic laser machine.

Laser tube power
This parameter determines the thickness of the plastic to be processed. The power of the laser tube also affects the speed of operation. That's why this parameter is one of the most important.

If you need to process materials of different thicknesses, we recommend choosing high-power equipment. At the same time, desktop computers with laser tube power up to 60W are also quite suitable for the production of single products.

Work area
The size of the working area is also a very important criterion for the correct selection of a plastic laser machine. It determines the size of the material to be processed.

If you are engaged in the mass production of large pieces of plastic, we recommend that you consider equipment with a working area of ​​1200×900 mm. For single-piece manufacturing, a laser machine with a working area of ​​500×300 would be the best choice.

The standard focuses on the characteristics of plastic processing. The lift table option is essential when processing plastic panels of different thicknesses. Thin, large materials often have slightly curved shapes that are difficult to place on a workbench. The table lift option allows changing the height of the work area to accommodate various thicknesses of sheet.

Anodized insert tables are also ideal for machining plastics. This coating minimizes tempering of the laser and allows you to evenly distribute the temperature of the laser. This prevents changing the color of the edges.

Top Laser Machines for Plastics
After reviewing the basic criteria for selecting laser equipment, we would like to draw your attention to some plastic laser machine models. You can choose from the following machines for your hobby or mass production.