All-metal structure, safe, stable, and high-strength work Suitable for all models of Atomstack engraving machines.

Above the enclosure is an acrylic window design, which can filter laser light to protect eyes.

Powerful air exchange system, high efficiency to remove the gas.

The air outlet pipe that can be extended to 5 meters long, keeps you away from harmful gases.

Silent exhaust fan with strong wind.
Special filter window for laser.
Built-in LED lights, clearly watch the engraving process.
Semiautomatic push rod, easy opening and closing.
Height adjustable support foot.
High efficiency air inlet.
Reserve space for rollers and clean up the garbage in the box.

The B1 laser engraving and cutting machine enclosure dust cover, metal structure, stable and firm, fireproof and dustproof.

The bottom of the enclosure is equipped with a movable bottom plate, which can be removed if necessary, and a roller can be placed to meet your needs for engraving cylinders in the protective box. In addition, it is convenient for you to clean up the waste generated after engraving or cutting.

The shell of the B1 laser engraver enclosure is equipped with an air inlet and a ventilation fan. A ventilation pipe is connected to the outside. The other end of the ventilation pipe is connected to a filter system, which can effectively exhaust and purify the smoke generated during the engraving process.