Edge burning is common when cutting plywood or wood. It doesn't look attractive at all.

There are strategies to reduce edge burn when cutting.

First, you can try some other settings on the laser machine. Try lower power and higher speed.

For surface edge burns, you can try applying masking tape to the plywood before carving and cutting. Burn marks will appear on the tape and the wood will remain safe.

The main cause of these burns is the production of smoke. Therefore, air assist and exhaust systems in laser machines are very useful.

You can use sandpaper to remove burnt edges. You can also try cleaning the burn area with soap and denatured alcohol.

The smell is because of the adhesive used in the plywood. You can't get rid of this odor, but if you use air assist and an exhaust system, you won't have an odor problem.

Some laser machines are closed, they have an exhaust system, such as the Laserbox Rotary. In some machines, you can hook up an exhaust system and use an enclosure.

Laser machines should be equipped with safety features to detect any flames or fires. Never leave your work unattended. Also, you should arrange for a fire extinguisher to deal with any problems.

The first of these plywood cuttings is primarily caused by chips and particles from the cutting. There should be air assistance to blow the residue away.