ATOMSTACK specializes in the manufacture, trade, marketing and export of high-end laser cutting and engraving equipment worldwide. In the product portfolio, the company has covered an endless line of engraving machines to meet the diverse needs of customers. The S20 Pro laser engraver is the organization's latest attempt to provide more value and satisfaction to its customers.

The ATOMSTACK S20 Pro laser engraver is undoubtedly a major improvement over its predecessor, the ATOMSTACK S10 Pro. It's a special tool in many ways, with multiple high-end specs on the radar. This is an efficient machine for those looking to showcase their skills and creativity by designing and creating their own items by hand. Additionally, mid-range engravers offer larger work surfaces as well as all-aluminum alloy construction. Users can perform multiple DIY activities at home, bringing more talent to the front desk.

Ultimately, the latest S20 Pro engraver seems to pack all the qualities into one package for exceptional performance and excellence.

In this section, the reader will get a complete overview of ATOMSTACK's new S20 engraving machine. It will help you determine the pros and cons associated with development before finalizing your buying decision. Let's move on!

Starting with the frame, the latest ATOMSTACK S20 Pro features an all-aluminum anodized build and a sturdy construction that looks more durable and efficient. Dual laser system improves engraving accuracy. Unique assembly structure, fast binding, only 15-20 minutes.

On the surface, the laser engraver looks solid, with a stern frame to ensure you end up with a great project. The panoramic filter glass protector protects your eyes by filtering up to 97% of UV rays. Overall, the portable and lightweight engraver looks impressive from every angle and can support your DIY projects like a pro.

ATOMSTACK seeks to embed creativity into a machine capable of cutting metal like a beast. It is based on compressed and shaped light spot technology. The machine has four 6W laser diodes, which are further coupled with optical mirrors to increase the laser power to 20W, which can compress the light spot to 0.08×0.01mm.

The new ATOMSTACK engraving machine adopts built-in advanced algorithm to realize dynamic compensation of four laser powers. It can monitor the power of the four-way laser in real time and provide power compensation, so that the laser can maintain a stable optical power above 20W. In addition, the unit contains 256 different grayscale algorithms that automatically adjust the laser energy for optimal contrast in the finished product.

Unlike the laser engraving machine with a cutting capacity of 10W, the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro laser engraving machine embodies a more powerful 20W cutting capacity. It is performance-focused, featuring an innovative 4-in-1 spot shaping technology, allowing longer and thinner lasers to be installed for a core working area of ​​up to 18-20mm. Therefore, you will be able to cut a wide variety of objects such as wood, cardboard, acrylic, plastic sheets and sponges. It can also engrave hard objects, including leather, cardboard, alumina, 304 mirror stainless steel, ceramics, cotton, etc.

The S20 engraving machine makes the airflow output larger and more stable by installing the latest 10-cylinder air film pump. Diaphragm pumps push the airflow at full force, reaching the pinnacle of performance.

This is another highlight of the new Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraver. It comes with panoramic filter coated glass to ensure better visual transparency. Through the glass, you can clearly see the engraving process without any damage to the eyes. The glass is capable of filtering up to 97% of UV rays and also eliminates the potential danger of acrylic burning.

The laser engraving machine is equipped with an upgraded 32-bit motherboard chip to ensure more stable and faster operation. In addition, the innovative motherboard chip supports offline work, making the machine more convenient to use.

ATOMSTACK always strives to make things easier and user friendly. The brand intends to load the newest engraving machine with the Atomstack R3 rotary engraving spindle. It can increase the original engraving area by up to 200%. In addition, the machine can engrave cylindrical objects with a minimum engraving diameter of 4mm.