A laser tool can etch or cut material, and these are its main functional processes. So, the common materials used for laser engraving include:

Wood: It’s a popular engraving material since it’s cheap and readily available. Besides that, you can use any type of wood for laser engraving and cutting to attain different results. The most common types of woods used for engraving include plywood, MDF, solid wood/solid timber, natural wood, chipboard, HDF, and veneers.

Leather: This material, just like fabric, can be customized through engraving. Engraved leather is in high demand, and the most commonly engraved materials include natural leather, suede leather, synthetic leather, napped leather, and Alcantara leather.

Acrylic: It is a durable, reliable, and lightweight alternative to glass. There are two types of acrylic sheets, i.e., extruded and cast. As a result, they both respond differently to the engraving process. Cast acrylic sheets usually produce a frosty white appearance in contrast to the original material. On the other hand, extruded acrylic normally remains clear since it doesn’t produce much contrast.

Metal: All types of metals can be engraved, but the most common ones include: stainless steel, iron, steel, brass, aluminum, and silver.

Glass: It’s one of the topmost laser engraving materials. Laser jobs can be done on all glasses to produce esthetically pleasing effects. It could be wine glasses, bottles, vases, and mugs.

Bricks and stones: They are ideal for engraving items that will be exposed to different weather elements. This makes them ideal for engraving pieces used on memorial sites and outdoor patios.
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