With the Atomstack laser engraver, you're bringing a very good engraver to market. With the introduction of the P7 M40, a very beginner-friendly model is on the way. This shouldn't be too expensive and user friendly. For example, you don't have to do complicated setup and can get started almost directly with plug and play.

What can I engrave with a laser engraver? The choice is actually quite large. Everything from simple plywood carvings to stone, glass, paper to leather and even so-called food.

Of course, choosing the right laser is also important here, but this was mentioned in the previous section. With all these things and a good cutting laser, you can definitely do a lot of cool things. This is especially useful for personalized gifts.

There is also a more detailed table on the store page that lists the different uses of the three lasers on different materials. What none of these three materials can do are highly reflective materials such as glossy metal sheets, transparent or sometimes pure white materials. It cannot reflect the laser light too much.

The Atomstack P7 M40 knows how to convince, at least for beginners, that's exactly what it's for. Especially for the first try, you usually don't want complicated structures, days of troubleshooting, or equipment without integrated protections. Simple operation, wide application range, 200*200 mm work surface, three different lasers and optional accessories, still flexible enough to make work easier.