Lights on the tree. The smell of baked goods fills the air. When it comes to the holidays, people can get especially crafty. Whether it's to save money or give a more personal gift, there are plenty of options.

1. Laser-improved cutting boards
The first is a laser-improved chopping block. We thought this was a great gift idea and we'll be making some of our own this week. Wooden cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Once we add our own personalized touch, its value increases considerably. Other kitchen items include an embossed rolling pin to spice up your sugar cookies and lettering corkscrews.

2. Wall Art and Decor
Another great gift item is wall art and decor - we've found several creative examples of this. Everything from felt coasters to plaques with last names and quotes to puzzle holiday-themed coffee table decorations. One of our favorites is a map of the United States with the location of the beer caps. This will be especially cool for traveling beer connoisseurs. For partial touches, cut off a state. This is the perfect gift for family or friends living in a state with many microbreweries.

3. Gift Box
There is no reason to limit laser cutting and engraving to the present. Carve a wooden souvenir box to hold any gifts you buy from the store. Add laser cut cards or gift tags. Gifts that you find a little bland can be increased to 10 with a little personal touch.

4. Accessories
Ornaments are always great gifts. Our personal favorite is a set of laser cut light wooden snowflakes. Pair them with some white lights and a thick red ribbon for a very elegant tree! Hang them on windows and bring nice snowflakes inside. This is a gift you definitely want to make for yourself and the recipient.

5. Clothing
It's not very practical, but it will be the gift of the season. Instead of knitting someone a sweater, how about laser-cutting them a leather jacket? You can be sure it won't be worn to the ugly sweater party they're attending next weekend.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of opportunities to explore this holiday season. Many of these ideas can be easily implemented with our new portable laser.