An optional accessory is a rotary engraving module for engraving cylindrical objects, bottles and jars, etc.

Another accessory is the ATOMSTACK honeycomb worktable with fixtures. This worktable is effective for excellent engraving results by reducing wood being blackened by smoke. Its main features are: providing structural support, energy absorption, light diffusion and increased airflow. X-axis and Y-axis are equipped with high-definition tick marks for easy measurement of engraving size.

An air assist pump is a great accessory that reduces surface temperatures and greatly improves cutting and engraving results. This is an absolute gem when combined with a honeycomb table. The results are incredible.

In addition to the excellent edge quality, the air-assisted pump will protect the laser lens by effectively removing dust and smoke. It's designed for low noise and produces volumes as low as 60db, so you'll hardly notice it's running. Very easy to install and compatible with all ATOMSTACK engravers in the A, S and X series. We definitely recommend the air assist pump.

This multifunctional engraving machine has a large engraving area of ​​40*50 cm, which is ideal for large engravings. With this 5500MW powered DIY desktop engraving machine, you can show your creativity on a variety of materials, especially wood.

DIY CNC is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/ and 10. It is the perfect engraving machine for processing wood and bamboo. You can use it to engrave and cut MDF boards.

Its construction materials, namely aluminum and acrylic, make it one of the lightest engravers on the market. This makes it extremely portable and user-friendly, which is exactly what you need in a home project.

Setting up the machine is an easy process - just follow the step-by-step guide provided in the detailed owner's manual. It also comes with an installation video that might come in handy if you get stuck anywhere.

It also comes with lots of other goodies, including free software, a thumb drive, safety glasses, a USB cable, and some DIY kit parts in case you need to do some routine maintenance.