Tomorrow is Father's Day. While a lot of people may feel stressed trying to figure out what to get dad, you're as cool as a cucumber because you have a laser engraver and have the confidence to make them a custom gift in just a few minutes. will always be cherished. We've put together a list of some of our favorite fun and practical ideas.

1. Personalized carving cutting board
What I love about these cutting boards is that they are so versatile. Dad can choose to use it if he wants, or he can hang it up and show it to all the guests in your house.

2. Laser engraved BBQ utensils specially designed for your dad
Now that we're talking about summer and Father's Day happens to be the best time of the season, let's talk barbecue.

3. Unique glass to remind dad of your love every day
Tumblers are the most popular custom engraved products on the market today. There are many possibilities for carving polar cups. From fulfilling his favorite hobby, to sculpting your child's drawing into a mug, dad will take it with him. If you don't have an engraver yourself, look for someone in the area who does laser engraving. They most likely have some versions of these glasses that might give you a finished gift in a few days, if not sooner!

4. Cute and meaningful keychain
Whether it's serious or fun, give him a practical and fun keychain that will satisfy his interests and keep him entertained throughout the day.

5. Thank him for teaching your skills with a cool custom hammer
This might be my favorite gift on the list! If your dad is handy, this is the perfect gift to remind him why; keep his family safe and happy! Personally, I'd probably end up putting this gift on display in the store instead of using it, but if he does choose to use it, it's certainly useful.

6. LED laser engraving logo
Now, this one may take a little more time to make, so if you think this is the coolest way to give your dad something meaningful, you might want to start now. Depending on your (or your laser engraving resources) capabilities, bases can be purchased or crafted. These are also incredible retirement, graduation and baby shower gifts!

Whatever you end up doing for your dad this holiday season, we're sure you'll go all out creatively!