A simple mirror can be turned into an eye-catching piece by laser engraving. You can make any design, engrave photos, write special words and dates, and personalize it to your liking. It just enhances the elegance of the mirror and gives it a unique personal touch. You can use it as a mirror, decoration or gift.

A laser engraver can remove the coating behind the mirror. This is an aluminum or silver reflective coating that reflects light. Any design or image can be created by removing the coating of the mirror, and the area where the coating is removed acts like clear glass. It can be backlit with lights to make it more attractive.

Let's take a look at what types of laser machines are available to you and a step-by-step guide to laser engraving mirrors.

Can you laser engrave the front of a mirror?
Yes, it is possible to engrave on the front of the mirror, but it will be a little different in texture, appearance and engraving.

When you engrave a mirror from the back, the mirror's reflective coating is removed. Has no effect on the glass, so you won't see any frosting. Light can easily pass through this sculpted surface as it acts like clear glass. Also known as laser etching.

On the other hand, when you use a laser machine on the front of the mirror, the glass is engraved. The laser beam creates tiny cracks that give the glass a frosted appearance.

For engraving the front of a mirror, the ideal choice is a CO2 laser. It can directly engrave the front. If you're using a diode laser, you'll need laser marking paper or a coat of paint. Do not use poisonous items such as galvanizing spray.

Types of lasers that can be used to engrave mirrors
carbon dioxide laser
CO2 lasers are the best choice for engraving mirrors. These laser machines can easily process both sides of a mirror and deliver incredible results. The wavelength of the laser beam emitted by the laser is about 10,600nm, which is ideal for glass and mirrors. This wavelength is easily absorbed by the material. The front side can be engraved without coating or anything, and the back can be easily engraved as well.

Diode laser
Diode lasers can also engrave mirrors. For back engraving, you can start the process right away. However, to engrave the front side, you'll need to use laser marking paper or anything else that can absorb the laser beam. Otherwise, the beam will pass through the glass and reflect back, nothing will happen.

How to laser engrave a mirror?
Engraving a mirror with a laser machine is very simple. You just have to follow a few simple steps and remember some important aspects such as the inversion of the image. However, you may need to try a few times to get the best power and speed settings.

Step 1: You need a piece of mirror according to the size you want. Clean the mirror from both sides and remove dirt and grease.

Step 2: Prepare the pattern to be engraved on the mirror. If you know how to design and use software like Adobe Illustrator, you can get free or paid designs from websites, or create your own.

Step 3: Turn on the laser machine and connect it to the computer. Open the laser software and import the graphic file you want to engrave. If you are engraving on the back of a mirror, make sure to reflect the image or graphic horizontally. Otherwise, you'll end up with an inverted image.

Step 4: Set the engraving power and speed. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing these settings. You'll have to try a few times or run a power speed test to get the best value. We use a 10W diode laser machine and get the best results at 28% power and 75 mm/s speed. It only takes one time to do it.

Step Five: Place the mirror on the work area. Make sure the coated surface is facing the laser module. Now, start composing to understand where your graphics will go. Adjust the position or size if necessary. Finally, hit the start button and let the machine do its work.

Step Six: After the engraving is complete, the mirror needs to be cleaned again to remove the coating. You can use soap and water. Your laser engraved mirror is ready. Now you need to make it more attractive by adding lights behind it or securing the mirror in the frame.

In conclusion
Mirror engraving is one of the latest trends as it makes a simple mirror alluring and eye-catching. Laser enthusiasts will love to try this out with their laser machines. We share a step-by-step process, explain how laser engraved mirrors work and which machines can engrave mirrors. Here's a complete guide that will help you create stunning mirrors with minimal effort.