Time to start thinking about moms and how to get women who claim they don't want or need anything but absolutely love it when you're trying to do something special for her. If your mom is like me, she has a hard time shopping for gifts, but she appreciates something crafted just for her. When I was looking for gift ideas, I realized I could create a list of products that you can make yourself or provide your clients with a laser engraver. It's a great way to incorporate a personal touch into something useful and unique.

1. Personalize the clock
The names of all your mother's children are engraved on the clock, a wonderful reminder of the thriving family she has created. I personally really like the little details like the "Mom's Favorite" arrow instead of the hour hand. Now, any child can claim to be her favorite at a designated time.

2. Surname sign
You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to give mom a great gift. This cool sign features the family's last name and the names of all members, laser engraved on the wooden bourbon barrel lid.

3. Custom engraved bracelet
This is probably my favorite list. I love the versatility of these cool leather strap bracelets. They are custom made with a proverb or name of your choice engraved on them. You can easily make different colors for each child or put various inspirational quotes on them. These bracelets look lovely worn alone or stacked to match a variety of outfits, and while they're casual, they're still elegant enough to pair with more formal outfits without feeling out of place.

4. Laser Engraving Portraits
This is a great gift if your mom is a little bit country style. The fun thing about these is that they can be created from any photo and personalized with the child's name in a font that reflects their personality.

5. Garden markers
A great gift for any pinky in your life, not just mom, these stakes are a creative way to show people how much you care. I've seen several similar plant piles, but I especially like these because illustrations of plants help young people identify what they're looking at, even if they can't read it yet.

6. Special cutting board
This is one of the most touching gift ideas I've ever seen. You can engrave your loved ones' handwritten recipes on a cutting board. It's a great way to give a personalized gift, both as a functional tool and as a display.

7. Recipe Pie Pan
Another spin on personalized recipe carving, this pie plate is similar in concept to a cutting board but feels more formal.

8. Carved Slate Tray
If mom loves delicious cooked food, this personalized tray could be a great gift. Who doesn't need a pretty tray to display delicious meats and cheeses!

9. Wooden coasters
Coasters are one of the best personalized gifts because everyone uses them, and if they don't, you can bet their mother told them they should at some point or another. It would be fun to carve a bunch of different kids' drawings or personalized messages for mom.

10. Engraving Magazine
For moms who love to record all of life's memories in a journal, make a personalized notebook. These happen to be for nurses, but you can customize them for just about any interest.

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