There's also the Atomstack A10 Pro, which, like most engravers on the market, works with two general-purpose laser engraver software. We're referring to Lithography, which offers a trial period, paid only for e GRBL Laser, but only for Windows. The last one, completely free.

After the printing software activates the laser engraver, you only need to upload the image you want to engrave, a simple PNG will suffice. After selecting an image, you must set up and set up the software according to the type of material you want to engrave. one example? If you decide to carve on wood, you don't have to set the power too high or you'll get a poco clear.

Unlike many similar products, the Atomstack A10 Pro features that it can be controlled by an external monitor that communicates with the machine via an HDMI cable.

As we said at the beginning, using this type of product is no longer daunting, on the contrary, it is absolutely within reach. Thanks to the installation in fact, A10 Pro it appears to be very user-friendly and can be used immediately through one of the two software.

At the same time, in this model, we find the advantage of being able to control all engraving processes through an external display, which is magnetically attached to the printer itself.

How convenient is it to buy this laser engraver today? We must first state that to use this product, suitable space and air recirculation are required. That said, the Atomstack A10 Pro it really surprised us: especially the engraving method is precise to the millimeter and does not damage the machined surface.

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