The development of the advertising industry is unstoppable. Such a rapidly growing industry often involves a lot of acrylic cutting. Because acrylic has the advantages of good light transmission, strong resistance, good plasticity and rich colors. Compared with ordinary glass and plastic, it has stronger resistance and higher hardness. But why use a laser cutter for acrylic cutting? Because the acrylic laser cutting machine is easy to operate and very fast. Not only that, it has higher precision than traditional CNC machines. And its operating costs are lower than traditional ones. At the same time, the acrylic laser cutting machine does not need to spend a lot of time to make and maintain, which can save a lot of money and manpower. And stable performance, long life, good effect, greatly improve the work efficiency. Therefore, the acrylic laser cutting business is becoming more and more popular. Here, I will show you some profitable acrylic laser cutting projects in the advertising industry.

Acrylic Crystal Word
Acrylic is a very important material in the advertising industry. It has the characteristics of high permeability and is widely used to make beautiful and colorful crystal characters. Compared with traditional acrylic CNC cutting, laser cutting acrylic can achieve non-contact cutting and will not cause extrusion damage to acrylic. And it has little thermal effect on the cut surface. At the same time, there is basically no risk of deformation, and the laser slitting process does not require secondary processing. Also, flexible lasers can handle more complex patterns. There is no burr when cutting, and the surface of the cut is smooth. The laser cutting effect is good, especially some corner processing. So it is loved by many advertisers.

Acrylic Billboards and Signs
Laser cutters precisely cut text patterns on a variety of acrylics to create countless styles of acrylic billboards. Acrylic billboards can be seen everywhere on the streets of the city, whether it is high-rise buildings or streets. Various acrylic billboards constitute the beautiful text landscape of the city.

Compared with the monotony and conformity of text, acrylic design has a stronger visual effect. It has the characteristics of dazzling, diverse colors and strong visual effects unmatched by other materials. At the same time, it also has good durability, plasticity, light transmission and flame retardancy. In addition, the light source can be correspondingly reduced, the energy can be saved, and the use cost can be reduced. Therefore, it is deeply loved by businessmen in the advertising industry.