It will maintain the laser machines regularly to extend the service life, save cost and create more benefits.

When it finishes processing, it should turn off the power of the machine and computer. And the operators also need to cover the cap of the optical lens. This is to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.

The circuit is in a high voltage state when the laser engraver is working. It should prohibit the unqualified personnel to maintain the laser machine.

If the engraving effect is not good, carefully check whether there is any contamination on the surface of the focus lens.

Sometimes the laser engraver is working continuously for many hours. And the lower surface of the focus lens absorbs the dust in the air. It affects the engraving effect. Therefore, it needs to clean the focus lens after using it for a long time.

Users should regularly clean the cooling fins of the water cooler to prevent excessive dust from affecting the work. It should also replace the distilled water in the water tank every four months. Tap water or purified water should not be used.

The blower's first stage filter on the side of the reflector pad's optical lens should be checked at any time. It must not contain water or oil, otherwise the lenses will be contaminated. The users have to improve the air source to make it meet the standard.

Check the shielding gas of the external light path, freezer, cooling water circuit and air compressor weekly. And drain the filter once a week.