There are different types of laser engravers on the market, so how do you choose the best and affordable laser engraver? The following points can help you:

First, the users can research the market and see what machine others in the same industry are using. They can also judge the processing method or technology by the finished products.

Second, decide which materials you want to engrave the most. As mentioned above, the CO2 laser machine is mainly for the processing of non-metal products, and the fiber laser machine focuses on metal materials.

Third, the users can consider the size of the laser processing materials. It is about choosing the size of the work table. But the users should note that the large size of the machine is not necessarily a good thing. Because the large equipment is of course more expensive.

If the workpiece is small and the work table is large, the laser output of some laser machines may become unstable. It will result in irregular depths on the same work table. Therefore, it is better to choose the most suitable work table in combination with the size of the workpiece.

Laser tube power: The users can select the appropriate laser tube power according to the material and content of the engraving. For the engraving of, for example, acrylic and double-coloured plates, no excessive power is required. But for engraving and cutting wood and stone, a higher power laser tube is needed.

After-sales maintenance service: The after-sales maintenance service is very important to the users. Some customers can buy the laser engraver for the first time. And they may encounter operational questions or doubts during the operation process. If the suppliers provide good technical after-sales service, it is very helpful for the continuity and efficiency of the processing.

Today, most engraving manufacturers provide affordable laser engravers with reasonable price for laser engraving machines. The responsible engraving manufacturers offer cheap laser engravers for sale at a reasonable price. The factors of the affordable laser engraver include not only the quality cost but also the maintenance cost. If you find a machine with a very low price for laser engravers, there may not be a cheap laser engraver for sale.