This marking method uses a high-energy-density laser to irradiate a certain part of the workpiece. It evaporates or changes the color of the surface material, leaving a permanent mark.

The marking equipment can accurately mark various letters, symbols and graphics. And the size of the letters can vary from millimeters to micrometers, which is of special significance for product anti-counterfeiting.

The ultra-fine laser beam is focused like a tool. And can remove workpiece surface material point by point. In addition, the marking process is non-contact and does not generate mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress. Therefore, the processed item will not be damaged.

Due to the small size of the laser focus point, the heat affected zone is small, and the machining accuracy is high. Therefore, the laser machine can complete some processes that cannot be completed by conventional technology.

The "tool" used in laser processing is the focused spot. No additional equipment and materials are required. As long as the laser works properly, the laser marking equipment can process materials continuously for a long time.

The laser processing speed is fast and the cost is low. Laser processing adopts computer numerical technology to realize automatic control, and the operation process does not require manual intervention. Adapt to the high efficiency of modern production and meet the needs of fast processing speed.