The laser engraving tool lies in the laser and the laser beam. The laser generates a laser beam and the optical mechanism emits such a laser beam and focuses on the surface of the material. The material is rapidly vaporized to form pits, under the influence of the high energy density laser beam.

The laser engraver uses a computer to control the X, Y, and Z axes to move the laser head, and to control the laser to switch as needed. The image information processed by the software is previously designed and stored on the computer.

When the laser engraver reads design information from the computer sequentially, the laser head moves back and forth from left to right and top to bottom along the design route. And finally, it forms a complete piece of graphics or text, realizing the automation of carving.

The laser processing technology belongs to non-contact processing. The mechanical engraver's tool carves through direct contact with the material. But it does not change the internal elements of the material. It relies on the high density of laser energy and has strong laser engraving performance.

Features include a wide range of processing materials and smooth cutting edges without secondary polishing. And it does not generate dust and achieves high processing speed and high precision, less waste and high efficiency.