Users must follow the laser engraver's instructions for safe operation. And it must start the laser engraver strictly in accordance with the laser start-up procedures. The operators must accept the technology and operation training and be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine. They must master relevant knowledge of the operating system.

Before starting the machine, the operators should wear work protection equipment if necessary. They must also wear safety glasses that meet the requirements in the vicinity of the laser beam.

After turning on the machine, the operators manually drive the machine along the X and Y axes at low speed. This is to check whether there is an anomaly.

Enter the program for a new workpiece; and then it should do a test run first and check the working status.
After the test run is OK, the operators can place and confirm the workpiece on the work table and start the operation.

During the working process, the operators should pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool. This is to avoid accidents caused by the engraving machine out of effective range or collisions.

During the operation, it should keep the laser, work table and environment clean, orderly and free from oil contamination. The workpiece, plates and waste material should be stacked as required. Keep the fire extinguisher within reach. Do not place paper, cloth or other combustible material near the unprotected laser beam.

If any abnormality occurs during processing, the operators should shut down the laser engraving machine immediately. And then it has to fix the error or report to the supervisor.

Note: Before processing a new material, operators must make it clear whether the laser engraver can process it. This is to avoid the potential hazards of smoke and vapor. After starting up the equipment, the operator should not leave the position or ask others to supervise the operation without permission. If it is necessary for the operator to go away for a while, the operator should stop the machine or turn off the power switch.