Maintenance is an important way to maintain, improve performance and precision, save money, improve work efficiency and create more economic benefits. And it can also effectively extend the life of the fiber laser engraver if they maintain the machine well.

The specific maintenance methods of the fiber laser engraving machines are summarized below.

1. When the machine is not working, the operators should turn off the power of the engraving machine and computer.

2. When the machine is not working, cover the lens cap to prevent dust or dirt from contaminating the optical lens.

3. While the machine is working, it is under a high voltage state. The non-specialized personnel should not operate or repair the device in order to avoid electric shock.

4. If the machine fails, the operators must immediately disconnect the power supply.

When the laser engraver is used for a long time, the dust will be adsorbed on the focus lens. It reduces the power of the laser and affects the engraving effect. More seriously, it will cause the optical lens to absorb heat and overheat or cause an explosion.

If the focus lens surface is not clean, remove the focus lens to clean the surface. The cleaning method is to use long fiber cotton swabs or lens paper to dip with the ethanol. And then it should gently scrub the surface of the focus lens. The swab or lens paper should be replaced once after cleaning one piece of lens.

Tips for maintenance:
Do not move the machine during the working process of the laser engraving machine to avoid damage.

1. Do not cover or place other objects on the fiber laser engraving machine to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect of the machine.

2. Pay attention to cleaning up the dust every day. Keep the inside of the machine dry and clean and remove the dust from the inside. Note the dust on the laser and computer air outlets. And do not remove dust in the laser and computer case.

3. Keep the laser engraver's working environment dry and well ventilated.

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