ATOMSTACK has different models of laser engraving machines. The Extension Kit is one of the brand's many engraving kit models. However, the company is known for making durable 3D printers with portable designs.

As a durable 3D printing machine kit, it has the same original metal construction with high precision and high stability for better performance. Additionally, the laser engraving machine kit is universally designed to fit all A5 M50, S10 and A10 series engraving machines.

ATOMSTACK uses the original metal body of A5 series engraving machine to make this expansion kit, which greatly increases the engraving area. It enlarges the area and also ensures a stable and accurate engraving process.

This ATOMSTACK Expansion Kit for Laser Engraver is available with different accessories for greater functionality. In addition, this kit helps to perfectly engrave oversized objects, as well as easy engraving of large area objects.