Atomstack presents an excellent professional-grade laser engraver. The new Atomstack S10 Pro is a powerful laser engraver with an ultra-thin laser. It comes with a 410x400mm engraving area. Atomstack has made some key upgrades to this engraving machine. This engraver is 40% faster than the previous model.

The S10 Pro laser engraver comes with a panoramic filter glass cover. This is one of its key security features. It blocks 97% of UV rays, allowing you to witness laser engraving operations without goggles.

Laser engravers are very easy to assemble. The aluminum alloy material makes it very durable and makes it stable and accurate for carving. Atomstack has undergone a major upgrade. There is no need to adjust the focus before engraving.

The S10 Pro laser engraver is equipped with a high-density laser. It can easily cut wood up to 20mm thick. Also, it can cut 5mm thick black acrylic and easily engrave mirror and stainless steel. Atomstack S10 Pro has extensive compatibility. Compatible with a variety of engraving software.

A professional laser engraver has the potential to meet your DIY professional requirements on the same platform. It opens up endless possibilities for creative minds who wish to showcase their skills by making superb architectural and design patterns on different materials. Users will have the freedom to sculpt on almost any type of material to grab the intended stylistic frame.