Have you ever seen an image laser engraved on a piece of wood in stunning detail? With the right equipment and tools, you can be the artist behind one of those masterpieces. Modern lasers love wood. It can cut, mark, or engrave both hardwoods and softwoods, but some woods respond better to laser cutting and engraving than others. In this article, we'll discuss the different laser engravers, types of wood, and the machines that suit the requirements of skilled laser engravers and creative minds like you.

What types of wooden designs can you create?
The possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of wood art that can be created with these laser engravers. Typical applications for laser cutting wood are photo engraving, prototyping, gifts, jewelry, inlays, toys and model making. Whether you're developing a product, working on a hobby project, running a laser engraving business or prototyping a new design, a laser system can help you create faster and with higher quality. All it takes is a little imagination and our laser engraver!

The best wood laser engravers in our range
We know that the laser cutting and engraving market can be confusing, so we have only narrowed down the best wood laser engraving machines to suit your needs and requirements.

1. Atomstack A10 Pro
The Atomstack A10 Pro is packed with features that make it one of the most productive laser engravers on the market. It is easy to assemble in 5 easy steps and is user friendly. Its unique features make the sculpting experience more fun for hobbyists and makers. It has one of the best cutting and carving performances to date, and its wood carving seems to be a step up. And with the newly added X-axis linear rail system, you get even more stability, which means capturing finer details in projects like photo engraving.

2. Atomstack S20 Pro
Best Industrial High Power Laser Engraver and Cutter for Entrepreneurs, Hobbyists, Designers, Artists, Housewives, Professionals. Better technology (industrial-grade steel wheel steel shaft-tensioner pulley-synchronous belt-compression spot, etc.) makes the engraving more accurate and the engraving works more perfect. More user-friendly design allows you to focus on creation all the time.

3. Atomstack S30 Pro
The world's first 6-core diode 33W laser output engraving and cutting machine.
Atomstack S30 Pro A30 Pro X30 Pro is the most powerful diode Blu-ray engraving machine in the world today, bar none, it is a milestone in the development of laser technology.

What types of wood are suitable for carving?
One of the biggest factors affecting the results of wood laser engraving is the resin or sap content of the specific wood species you are engraving. Wood typically burns lightly or deeply, depending on the resin or sap content. If you want a deeper burn, choose a wood with a high resin content, such as cherry or alder. If you want to leave minimal burn for a particular application, you'll want to choose a wood with a lower resin content.

CO2/Diode - Which Laser Engraver is Best for You?
Choosing a laser cutter is a big decision, and it can be expensive. Deciding between a diode laser and a CO2 laser is relatively simple: if you're only doing small projects that involve marking or cutting thin, soft materials, it's best to buy a diode laser. For anything beyond that, CO2 lasers are what you want because of their broader processing capabilities, although figuring out which works best for you can be difficult.

Diode laser
Diode lasers are also called semiconductor lasers. Light is emitted when current is passed through the semiconductor, which can be used in a variety of applications. They are widely used in our daily life, from laser printers to optical discs such as DVD, etc. Diode lasers have the advantages of small size, low voltage, and low current, so they are usually installed on smaller laser cutting machines.

Carbon dioxide laser
A CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide gas that produces infrared light for use in lasers. They are energy-efficient, high-yielding and are often used in professional laser cutting machines

Setting Up a Modern Electronic Engraver Is So Simple
Setting up a modern electronic laser engraver for laser engraving projects is very easy. These laser machines work much like the standard printers you use every day at work and at home. Carving with these machines does not require any special education or technical skills.