Engraving is an art - it gives you the freedom to explore your creative side, so you need the best wood and metal laser engravers. However, there is also a downside to being an engraving enthusiast and that is the paradox of choice.

There are many engraving machines on the market that can engrave and cut various materials such as wood, acrylic, metal, etc. Choosing the best machine can be a daunting task.

So if you're here looking for the best wood and metal carvers, you've come to the right page. I'll help you determine the best engraving machine for your wood and metal projects. All of these engraving machines are inexpensive, which makes them ideal for your home engraving business.

The Atomstack S10 Pro Laser Engraver has got all the power it needs to cut and engrave on wood, metals, and a variety of other surfaces. It has innovative twin beam design which will cut 10mm (0.39″) thick wood in one pass, 5mm (0.19″) black acrylic in one pass and you can directly mark stainless steel and metals.

User friendly
One of the key qualities of this machine is that it is easy to assemble which can be completed within 10 – 20 minutes.

The best part about the Laser Engraver is that it can engrave a huge variety of material. Metal? Check! Wood? Check! Plastics? Check! This means you can get as creative as you want with your choice of materials without the need of purchasing another engraver. Another plus is that it includes a rotary for engraving of cylindrical objects, bottles, cans etc.

Atomstack S10 Pro laser cutter and engraver machine has a 10W Laser Module. The compressed spot and laser focus spot ensures that this laser engraver more powerful with excellent precision. The engraving speed can be as high as 10000mm/min.

Industrial grade steel structure design ensures the engraver machine is more reliable and accurate. This modular design is very easy to assemble & repair.

Large Engraving Area of 410*400 mm. Atomstack S10 Pro laser cutter and engraver machine can engrave cylinders by adding the rotary module (included) and raising the height of the machine body.

The Atomstack S10 Pro laser engraver has a protective cover which filters 97% of ultraviolet light. We do however suggest you get a decent pair of eye protection glasses specially suited for diode lasers. You can find more information here: laser engraving eye protection.

Atomstack also has some amazing accessories worth mentioning.

Honeycomb Working Table:
A fantastic accessory to consider would be the Honeycomb Working Table which not only protects your worktable from any damage caused by the laser, it will also improve engraving and cut results. It will ensure a clean cut by reducing heat, which is especially helpful when engraving and cutting wood.