Laser engraving has become a popular hobby. Therefore, many home laser engravers have been developed offering many different functions. These units offer dicing and etching techniques and can use a variety of materials. The Atomstack S10 Pro is a laser engraver that offers advanced features in both project output and security.

The S10 Pro has several advantages over other laser engravers like the Atomstack X7 Pro. While they both offer dual compression point coupling technology, the S10 Pro offers a smaller focal area. It can also cut thicker objects than the X7 Pro.

It can cut 20mm and 15mm wood. Since it is a fixed-focus laser, there is no need to focus the laser before engraving. It is equipped with a knob for easy adjustment of the laser height. The engraver features an ultra-fine laser focus area of ​​0.06 x 0.06 mm. It offers cutting speeds of 120mm per minute to 1020mm per minute at 80% power. Engraving speeds range from 2,000mm per minute to 6,000mm per minute at 40% power.

Designed for ease of assembly, it takes less than 10 to 20 minutes to assemble. Its all-metal frame provides stability and improves engraving precision. The X-axis and Y-axis have precise tick marks to facilitate the measurement of the engraved surface.

S10 Pro supports offline engraving. Once uploaded to the device, the engraving file can be used anywhere. This removes the limitations of the computer when engraving. A USB connection is the method of data transfer.

The unit also offers many great safety features. Comes with a protective glass cover with a panoramic filter that filters out 97% of UV rays. This means users don't need to wear goggles when using the S10 Pro. However, users must install the filter themselves. If the user does not install a protective filter, protective glasses are required. The unit is also equipped with an emergency stop button on the front of the machine in case of an emergency.

Compatible with a variety of mature engraving software including LaserGRBL, LightBurn. The S10 Pro supports Windows and Mac operating systems. The engraving file formats it supports include JPG, BMP, NC, DXF, PNG, etc.

The S10 Pro offers a large engraving area of ​​410 x 400 mm. It also offers a horizontal gyroscope that will pause engraving if the device is tilted suddenly.

The S10 Pro is an advanced dual compression point laser engraver. It is an improvement over earlier models created by Atomstock, giving users better precision and cutting options. We recommend this laser engraver to those looking for a versatile unit with extremely precise engraving capabilities.

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