Before operating our R3 Rotary Roller,please read our instruction carefully,it will show all the special situation,including some warning of the unsafe behavior which may cause some property losing even harmful for your personal safety.

When Laser engraver operating with R3 Rotary Roller to cutting or engraving will burned up the basic material, the high intensity laser will create extreme high temperature and massive some material will be burned during the cutting or engraving, and will cause some gas or.

The lighting spot will create some flame when the laser beam shot at the material. The flame will move with the laser and will not keep flaming when the laser moving. The operation must be supervised during cutting or engraving. Please clear the sundry, scrap and flammable material after the cutting or engraving. Ensure there is fire extinguisher at the workplace of the There is some smog, steam or particulate which could be poisonous caused by material when the laser engraver operating, this smog, steam or particulate may be harmful for your healthy.

Atomstack R3 roller coordinate with either X axis or Y axis of the engraver to make the processing, and compatible with engraver of Neje, Atomstack and Ortur. No need to adjust the pulse, directly process after link. If coordinate with other brands, may need to adjust the pulse.