We have launched several Atomstack laser engravers, such as the A5 Pro and A5 M40, both of which are very popular with consumers. I know there is another brand in the industry that is also pretty good. However, what I want to say today is that none of the above products are as powerful as the Atomstack M50 50W laser module.

The Atomstack M50 module is a combination of two 5W laser modules with a 10W laser power, which can cut 8.5cm wood, which is a very remarkable improvement.

The spot of the Atomstack M50 can be compressed to an area of ​​0.08*0. 15 mm. With dual compression optical coupling technology, more precise engraving is possible, even when engraving metal, there is a clear pattern. It can reach 1100 degrees Celsius when working with a laser.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of safety, Atomstack began to try to add gyroscopes to laser modules this year. It now appears that their company is doing well. What is certain is that there will be a gyroscope in this new M50. If the inclination angle of the engraving machine exceeds 20 degrees, the machine will stop working, which is undoubtedly a good protection measure.

We noticed that the body of this machine is made of aviation aluminum, and there is a cooling fan that can automatically cool the machine, thus ensuring the efficient operation of the machine. You can use it for CNC cutting, laser engraving and many other things.