Before Using the Atomstack laser engraving, please read this safety guide carefully, it mentions situations that require special attention and includes warnings of unsafe practices that can cause damage to your property or even endanger your personal safety.
1. This product is a laser engraver system components, must be installed in other manufacturers of laser engraver for use.And the product belongs to Class 4 laser products, the laser system itself must meet the requirements of IEC 60825-1 latest version, otherwise the product is prohibited to be used.
2. Your laser engraver machine shall have a protective housing which, when in place, prevents human access to laser radiation.
3. If a protective housing is equipped with an access panel which provides "walk-in" access then:
a)means shall be provided so that any person inside the protective housing can prevent activation of a laser hazard that is equivalent to Class 3B or Class 4.
b)a warning device shall be situated so as to provide adequate warning of emission of laser radiation equivalent to Class 3R in the wavelength range below 400 nm and above 700 nm, or of laser radiation equivalent to Class 3B or Class 4 to any person who might be within the protective housing.
c) where “walk-in” access during operation is intended or reasonably foreseeable, emission of laser radiation that is equivalent to Class 3B or Class 4 while someone is present inside the protective housing of a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3R product shall be prevented by engineering means.
NOTE Methods to prevent human access to radiation when persons are inside the protective housing can include pressure sensitive floor mats, infrared detectors, etc.
4. The laser itself has a protective cover, the protective cover is fastened by screws. When the laser is installed on the laser cutter, the protective cover should be checked to be reliably locked, and can not be removed in the energized state.
5. The housing of the laser engraving machine should have an interlock function. When the housing is opened or removed, the laser can be automatically turned off.
6. The laser engraver should have an emergency stop button, which can immediately stop the output of the laser when pressed under unexpected circumstances.
7. The laser engraving should have a reset button, which can resume work under the condition of confirming safety after lifting the interlock or emergency stop.
8. Laser engraver should use physical keys, dongle, password system and other ways to manage and control, to prevent personnel without security training operation of this kind of equipment.
9. On the laser engraver any window or channel that can actively observe or passively receive the laser radiation should be set up warning marks.
10. If the laser burns the skin or eyes, please go to a nearby hospital for examination and treatment immediately.